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For rent are 1 detached villa, 2 apartments in Praia do Carvoeiro and 1 apartment at Praia da Rocha, on the outskirts of the city of Portimão. Many of your questions have also been answered in our General Terms and Conditions, which form the basis for the rental and rental agreement and are listed per object on this site. Frequently asked questions:

Questions about arrival and departure.

Questions about rental price, payment, costs, what is included.

Questions about the residences.

Questions about transport, parking, distances

Questions about the surroundings

Practical tips, good to know.

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1.Arrival and departure.

What are the arrival and departure times?
In order to give the maid sufficient time to clean and prepare the rented property for you, the houses are in principle available from 3 p.m. Unless you agree otherwise, you are expected to hand over the house in good order no later than 10:00 am.

What if the time of arrival is very early or late?
After receipt of the full rental price, you will receive the key or access codes by regular mail or email. So you can arrive when it suits you best.

What do we do if there are problems with the rented property?
It is possible that something is broken in the house. Please report this immediately to the landlord or the hostess. A solution can always be found.

Can we park (free) at the rented property?
Parking at all homes is (currently) completely free. Parking on the large private grounds of the villa is ideal and easy. The apartment in Portimao has its own parking garage and you can also park safely in the closed area of the flat. Parking close to the apartments in Praia do Carvoeiro is not always easy in high season and sometimes requires some patience or a short walk.

Where can I do my shopping?
There are several small shops near the apartments, but most people take the car and drive to the Intermarché, Apolonia, Aldi or Pingo Douce in a few minutes. There is also a small Lidl near Portimao.

Is there a fixed day of arrival or departure?
There is no fixed day of arrival or departure. You are free to book on days off that suit you best.

How do I get the keys to the rented house?
As soon as the full rent has been received, the codes and data regarding access to the rented property will be sent to you by email. You will also receive a key by regular mail to access the apartment in Portimao.

Do I have to inform you of my arrival times?
For the planning of the workers, it is necessary to know at what time you expect to arrive at the house (approx. 45 minutes by car from Faro). After all, she must ensure that everything is Spic & Span again in time when you arrive.


2.Rental price, payment, costs, what is included.

Why is no deposit charged?
A matter of trust. And we have that in our guests! If you break something, it can happen, but please report this to the landlord and/or the hostess.

What are the cancellation conditions?
These are detailed in the General Rental Conditions that can be found on the site. In short: 30% of the total rent due if canceled up to 8 weeks before the start of the rental, 100% if canceled within 8 weeks before the start. Taking out cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

What percentage of the rent do I have to pay?
When booking within 8 weeks before the commencement date, 100% must be paid. If this date is further in advance, the down payment is 50%. The other part 8 weeks before the commencement date.

Can I pay with a creditcard?
No, given the high costs involved. Pay only by bank. When renting the villa to the bank in the Netherlands, for the apartments to the bank account in Portugal.

What in case of damage?
You are, of course, liable for any damage caused to the rented property. Replace the broken glass/plate yourself and report any other damage to the lessor or owner. Together we will find a solution and ensure that the next tenants also have a nice and complete home.

Are there other costs that are added to the price?
No, in principle not and everything is included in general normal use of the home. Unless you make excessive use of, for example, the power supply or do not occupy the rented property with due diligence.

When booking on-line, are the weeks/days final for me?
At the same time there may be applications from others that are still undecided or where there is a short option to have time to book tickets. Your online booking will also only become final when you have received our confirmation (down) payment has been received).

Can we get an option so we can book tickets?
We can reserve the accommodation for you for up to 36 hours without obligation, so that you have plenty of time to check flight availability.

Is there a minimum number of nights for the properties?
Yes. In high season this is a minimum of 7 nights. For other seasons you can consult with us.

What is included in the rental price?
Unlike many others, we use 1 all-in price. NOTHING comes on top of this. Also no booking fees, reservation fees or whatever so there are no surprises. On the Terms and Conditions per object you will find what you get for your money. And that’s a lot! Our homes are fully furnished.

Do I also have to pay a booking fee?
No! Our prices are all-in. NOTHING will be added (with normal accepted habitation) so that you know exactly what you have to pay and what your vacation costs.

Is the use of air conditioning included in the price?
There is air conditioning in all homes. Use of this is free, with normal accepted use. So no windows and doors open with the air conditioning on and the air conditioning off when no one is in the building. The meter readings indicate this and excessive consumption will still be charged.


3.The residences.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do the homes have?
The villa has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people. The Portimao apartment has 1 double bedroom and sofa bed for 2 in living room. Here is 1 bathroom with toilet, sink and shower in bath. max. 4 persons. The apartments in Praia do Carvoeiro each have 2 spacious bedrooms (+ possibility for an extra bed) and 1 bathroom with a walk-in shower. Max 5 people each.

Are pets allowed?
Naturally! You do not have to leave your pets at home or in a kennel/shelter. Consultation with the owner and your dog or cat is welcome. Free!

Is there a swimming pool at the house? Is this heated?
All 3 apartments have a spacious communal swimming pool with a separate pool for the little ones. These pools are only accessible to residents. The villa has a private swimming pool with spacious terraces. For you alone, so with a lot of privacy. The pools are not heated. That is a costly affair and requires a lot of power and time to bring up to temperature. Many tenants and landlords do not want to bear these high extra costs.

Are towels, beach towels and beach towels provided?
There are 3 towels on each of the beds. These are replaced by the worker bee at least once a week.

Do we have to bring our own linen?
No. Linen is also included in the price. So you do not need to bring sheets and pillowcases. The beds are changed once a week by the maid.

Is there television in the homes?
There is satellite TV in all homes and there are many international and local channels to receive.

Why is there a limit to the number of people per home?
A municipal permit is required for renting out holiday homes. This specifies the maximum number of residents. This is monitored and fines are high.

Are the homes suitable for a mobility problem?
The apartment in Portimao is very suitable for that; elevator from garage to front door, completely barrier-free and everything on the ground floor. The villa could also be.

Is there a safe for my valuables?
There is a safe for your valuables in both the villa and the apartment in Portimao.

Free wifi, is that available?
Yes, (wireless) internet is available in all homes for free. Everywhere the connection is through fiber optic. The access code is on the router or house book. Do not share this code with third parties in/near the building; this can greatly affect the speed.

Can you provide a cot/high chair and what is the cost?
This is possible and completely free. Please indicate well in advance that these are desired.
Is there a hairdryer in the apartments?
Yes, there is a hair dryer in every bathroom.
Can I sit outside under cover? Are there balconies or terraces?
It also sometimes rains in the Algarve. But, when the temperature allows it, you can still enjoy the view from indoors. Both apartments in Carvoeiro have a nice south-facing balcony, the apartment in Portimao has two balconies with unobstructed views of the river Arade, Ferragudo and the sea. The villa has a covered terrace off the living room. Here you have a wide view over the valley.

Do the houses have a (dish) washing machine?
All homes have a washing machine. The apartment in Portimao also has a dishwasher and the villa also has a dishwasher and a tumble dryer.

Is there a BBQ available?
The villa has a large BBQ on the pool terrace. The apartment in Portimao has a BBQ on the communal roof terrace. BBQs at the apartments in Praia do Carvoeiro are not allowed.

Is the plot or area fenced because of my pet?
Your pet is welcome in our homes. Of course the dogs are regularly walked. In the summer this is not allowed on the beaches. The grounds of the apartment in Portimao are completely walled/fenced. That of the villa only partially.

Is smoking allowed in the apartments?
Smoking in the houses is not allowed. Outside and on the terraces, of course.

How are the homes heated in winter?
The apartments can be heated in winter with the air conditioners. The villa has a wood stove (firewood included in the price) and air conditioners for warm air. The heating panels in the villa serve as “pre-heating” to prevent moist air in the house when there are no tenants.


4.Transport, parking, distances

Are the beaches within walking distance of the holiday homes?
The sandy beach is a 5-minute walk from the apartments in Praia do Carvoeiro, in the middle of the village. Praia do Centeanes at 1 5 minutes walk. You can walk to the Praia da Rocha beach at Portimao in fifteen minutes. From Vila Maria you can walk to Praia de Benagil and Praia do Carvalho in 15 minutes.

How far are the properties from Faro Airport?
All properties are located in the Praia do Carvoeiro and Portimao region, so in the western part of Central Algarve. By car or taxi you are at your destination in about 45 minutes when you use the A22 motorway. Via the provincial EN125 it takes longer but is without tolls.

Is there a hospital nearby?
The major hospitals are in the cities of Faro and Portimao. In Alvor, near Portimao, there is a private hospital, the Hospital Particular do Algarve (HPA). The HPA is frequently used due to the high pressure in hospitals. They speak several languages and are recognized by the insurers. More details can be found in the house books of the houses.

Do you know a good company where we can rent a car?
Most people rent their car at the airport where a solid company that offers good cars at a reasonable price. Our experience is that they certainly do not aim to find reasons to cheat you out of some money when you return. Their system for toll settlement (unmanned toll gates on the highways) is also ideal and limited to a maximum.

Is there public transport near the holiday homes?
The 3 apartments are easily accessible by public transport. Or with a shuttle service from the airport. You can order a reliable taxi driver on +351 917 220 388. Indicate that you received his number from “O Vizinho” and he knows where to go. At the villa, the options for public transport are limited and a (rental) car is recommended. 

Is a (rental) car necessary?
The apartments are easy to reach by public transport (but takes some time). Most of the shops you need are near the apartments and walkable. When you rent the detached villa, a car is necessary. The facilities just a bit too far to reach on foot, except for the beaches and 4 restaurants.

What is the best way to get to the house from Faro Airport?
A rental car is the easiest and gives you the best opportunity to discover the beautiful Algarve during your holiday. Another option is to order a taxi. Eduardo has number +351 917 220 388. Also speaks English. The tour takes only 45 minutes. Shuttle services can also be found on the internet.

Can I charge my electric car at the house?
Unfortunately, charging your electric car with your own charging cable in the power grid is dangerous and not allowed. There are large voltage fluctuations, which can damage your car. There is no charging station at the house.



Are there tennis courts nearby?
In Praia do Carvoeiro there are tennis courts in Monte Dourado and there is the Carvoeiro Ténis. At Portimao are the Campo de Ténis and Clube Ténis e Padel de Portimao.
Is there a fitness center within a reasonable distance?
In Lagoa, which includes Praia do Carvoeiro, there is a sports club at the site of the Fatacil where a large fair is held every year and a large flea market on Sundays. In Portimao there are many possibilities to keep your fitness level.

Are restaurants and terraces near the houses?
The apartments in Praia do Carvoeiro are located in the Estrada do Farol, also known as restaurant street. There are many restaurants, shops and terraces. Lots of cozy liveliness and a wide choice. The apartment in Portimao is a 15 min walk to Praia da Rocha where there is a multitude of dining options. In/to the city center there are also many possibilities for a pleasant evening. If you rent the villa, SulMar and the restaurants in Praia de Benagil are the closest.

Which golf courses are closest to the holiday homes?
The Algarve, Portugal is one big golf paradise. There are approx. 40 golf courses to choose from. A short distance from the houses by Praia do Carvoeiro are the golf courses Gramacho, Vale da Pinta, Vale do Milho and Silves Golf. At Portimao are the courses Alto Golf, Madrugado and Penina Golf.

Where can we book a boat trip along the coast?
Many shops in Praia do Carvoeiro offer boat trips to view the beautiful rocky coasts and secluded beaches. Tickets are also offered on the beaches. Along the promenade of Portimao there are many stands that offer boat trips and day trips.

Can you recommend a taxi?
The upstairs neighbor of one of the apartments in Praia do Carvoeiro is a taxi driver and runs his business with his son. Decent and reliable people who are happy to pick you up from the airport and bring you back. Call Eduardo on +351 917 220 388 and you’ll be fine. Also for smaller rides or after a pleasant evening!


6.Practical tips, good to know.

Are the houses listed on portals such as Booking, Airbnb, Belvilla, Eliza?
No! Such portals make your vacation extra expensive due to the high commissions and costs they charge. To both you and the landlord. When booking our properties you have the guarantee of the lowest price that can be found on the internet.

Are there other people present on/around/in the holiday home?
The apartment buildings are inhabited by locals or people who spend their holidays there. There are communal areas such as the swimming pool, roof terrace, garden, hall, etc. When you rent the detached villa there are no others in or around the house and you have complete privacy. The gardener/pool boy comes in the morning on Mondays and Fridays.

What time are we expected at the holiday property?
For the planning of the workers, it is nice to know at what time you expect to arrive at the house. In principle, the houses are clean and in order again at about 3 p.m. Dropping off your bags/luggage earlier is no problem. You can then do some shopping and explore the area.

Where can we leave our garbage bags?
Garbage bags are not collected per home. It is also not the intention that you let the cleaning lady take it away. Garbage containers are located in many places along the streets. Although these generally have the green color, they are intended for your waste bags, empty bottles and some larger waste.

How often does the maid come and what does she do?
The maid comes twice a week. Once to dust and mop, the second time to change the towels and beds. You don’t have to stay home for her and they will appreciate it if you keep the house neat and orderly yourself. A generous tip at the end of your holiday is much appreciated.

Does the hostess speak several languages?
When you rent one of the apartments, there is a hostess who will provide you with a bottle and a welcome card with her telephone number. She will visit you regularly to ask if everything is to your liking and you can call her if there are any problems with the apartment. She was born in the Netherlands and has lived in the Algarve for many years and speaks several languages.

What to do if something is broken or no longer functions properly?
The houses are furnished and equipped as completely as possible. No amount is requested from the tenants as a deposit, assuming that the houses are occupied and treated with due care. If something breaks or an accident happens, you must of course report this to the landlord and/or hostess.

Distances to the beach?
As the crow flies: Carvoeiro 240m, Portimao 1275m, Villa Maria 820m.


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