Autumn Holiday Algarve

Autumn holiday Algarve, the perfect week in the sunny south of Europe. In the autumn, after a few months of school, study or work, the autumn holidays have arrived and the children are then free from school. A short holiday in the sunny Algarve is an ideal location to gain energy for the coming winter season. The autumn temperatures in the Algarve are wonderful and are around 20 degrees Celsius. Little or no rain is expected in these months.

The months of October and November are excellent months of the year to go on an autumn holiday to the Algarve. You can go to the beach these months to get a healthy tan. These temperatures are also very suitable for enjoying a drink and a snack on a terrace with the whole family or as a couple. These months are also very suitable for taking fun daily trips.

Autumn holiday Algarve

Want to party for a week with your friends in Albufeira?

A sun holiday in the Algarve is also possible in October. During the day you can relax and recover from the long night of partying on the beautiful sandy beach of Praia da Rocha. Also the sandy beach of Praia do Carvoeiro is very suitable for that. The Algarve sun in autumn is sunny/strong enough to get a healthy tan. So it is a great experience to get away from it all and to recover from the busy times in the home country.

Overwintering and winter destinations in the Algarve
And what about a winter sun holiday in one of our winter destinations on the Algarve? These are usually seniors who enjoy their retirement and come to the Algarve during the cold winter months in their own country.

Especially for seniors, the sun in the Algarve is that little bit extra they need. They mostly feel much better physically, while the temperature at home is very cold or even freezing. Many seniors who spend the winter in the Algarve do so for a few months. They usually just take their dog or cat with them on this long holiday. Also they can invite the children and grandchildren to visit them for a week. The knife cuts both ways and everyone enjoys a wonderful autumn or winter holiday in the Algarve.

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