Rental flat Praia da Rocha, Algarve | Portimao flat for Rent

Rental flat Praia da Rocha, Algarve

Rental flat Praia da Rocha, Algarve. Large swimming pool, view on cruise ships in Arade River.

The rental flat near Praia da Rocha, Algarve with a large pool and stunning sea views is located in Block C. This is one of the 3 apartment buildings of Edificio Vila Arade. Block C is closest to the beach of the famous Praia da Rocha. Because this block is slightly turned to the south, the view is phenomenal. It is also true that the other two blocks are 4 floors high. And block C only 3 floors. Your flat with sea view is on the top floor, so actually a penthouse with a roof terrace above. On this roof terrace, there is a BBQ and here you can enjoy the sun all day. Also for the winter visitors. Praia da Rocha is the holiday rental area of Portimao and the flat Vila Arade is only a 14-minute walk from Praia da Rocha beach.

Free parking

Underneath the flat runs an underground garage with automatic doors. From the garage, you can step directly into the lift. When you press 3, it will take you up to the top floor and to the front door of your flat. It could not be easier and safer, especially if you are a bit older. Of course, you can also park for free in the car parks above ground. There is also plenty of free space here. The whole terrain of Vila Arade is walled or closed with an (electric) fence. You operate the gate with your remote control. Your dog is welcome and cannot leave the prermisis without you.

Portimao flat for Rent

From blocks A and B, you look up onto/against the new luxury hotel Jupiter Marina, which itself has a swimming pool on its roof terrace. Your view from the two balconies of the flat we rent is free, wide and unobstructed. If you want to know more about renting a flat in the Algarve or about the flat Vila Arade with pool in Portimao, please contact the owner directly; he can tell you a lot.

Rental flat in Portimao, near Praia da Rocha

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